I must say that in this 18 years of my life i 've always had very great friends. Friends are like my own family, they're always in the worst and in the best moments.
One time i said that my friends will be with me until the day i die. Well at this point of my life, my friends had always been there. In good times and bad times.
In sickness and heatlhness. In EVERY SINGLE MOMENT.
And now i have to say to my friends, that i'll always be there, they know and must know that they always will count on me, and if there's one sad, i'll be sad too. Even when they have a broken heart, i'll be there, speaking about what is love about. I need them to know this, because sometimes we never say some things, and they just pass.

Thank you my friends for everything. Thanks for being the other part of me, the other halft or quater that fits me always.

And i'll be there for you .ALWAYS!

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Anónimo dijo...

tssssss es lo q todos siempre decimos de los amigos jajajaaj pero por q en ingles???en fin seguiremos leyendo

Ingrid Campaniux dijo...

mi vida jessikee!!
you know you can count on me just like i do count on you... every moment and just like you said... until the day we wont be in this weird planet, but well... let's keep on sharing more dreams, tears, hopes and revelations jajajajjajaja that's very MUSE

whatever... we love you honey... too much!! mua mua

jav (i´m not emo) dijo...

my baby!!!!

u r so great!!
i love u!!!

and u know... i'll always be there for u wherever and whenever

thank u my baby persona!!!